A Full Reflection on 2021


As I sit here and mentally reflect back on 2021, it’s quite honestly been a great year from Grapevine Properties, something which I highly doubted I’d say at the end of 2020. 

After a slow start to 2021, the property market has gone from strength to strength. A mixture of the backlog of clients from 2020 and the simple fact that many people have decided to stop putting their lives on hold which has meant that property sales are booming. It’s been a great year to list, as we have noticed a slight increase in prices due to the high demand. This has been particularly prevalent in properties at around the 500,000€ mark as many clients are looking to obtain the Golden Visa.

It’s not something we mention, but actually a lot of our profits get put right back into the business and thanks to a strong year in sales we’ve been able to invest in new photographic equipment including a new reflex camera and new drone. We understand the importance of online content and providing the best quality imagery is one of our main priorities.


Virtual tours have continued to play a huge part in our day to day business. 2021 has seen these 360º tours become a norm in the industry and clients have really began to use them a useful tool in their property search. Find out more about virtual tours here.

Two of the Grapevine cars have also been renewed. With over 450,000km driven between them, our hardworking Nissan Qashqai and Juke have gone to car heaven to make way for new 2021 models.


We have also had the opportunity to continue to sponsor local groups. The first being Guaro Atletico Football team and other is Tapas Choir, a group based in the Guadalhorce Valley that raises funds for local charities.

Many of you may know the lovely Noemi who has been working with Grapevine for quite a number of years now.  We are pleased to announce that Noemi is now out and about with our clients looking at properties in the area… who better to introduce clients to our beautiful valley than someone born and bred here!?

Joep Lubberdink has also joined the sales team. Joep has been living in Guaro with his young family for a couple of years now and his enthusiasm for the region is infectious! 

We also thought it was time to give our trusty grapevine grapes a facelift. Our logo has been with us now for over a decade and although we still love it and will miss it deeply, we felt like it didn’t represent the modern business we are today.

So, what are our goals for the 2022? Three words, HELPFUL DIGITAL CONTENT. COVID-19 took its toll on all businesses and all industries including real estate. Adaptation and flexibility has been key and because of this we’ve realised more than ever that your online persona really can create a community.

Next year, we want to make sure that we are providing everything you could possibly need to make your buying process as stress free as possible. This means more blog posts and more than ever, more videos. Tell us what you want to see! More property videos? Q&A’s about buying in Spain? Lifestyle content? Please let us know.

Here’s wishing everyone a safe and prosperous 2022. See you on the other side!

Grapevine Properties