How Can A Virtual Tour Help Sell Your Property?

Virtual Tours of Properties

The technology we use is constantly evolving. From telephone launches and new social media platforms to the way we buy items online and browse the web, it’s natural for us as humans to expand and change with the times.

Four years ago we purchased a drone to create aerial images and videos. At a similar point, we created a youtube channel as another way show different angles of the properties we have on the market. In 2020, the world shut down and as a company we thought of ways in which we could adapt to the travel restrictions that had been put in place. Now, virtual tours are no new thing, they’ve been around for many years and we had looked into investing in a 360º camera a couple years ago, but we felt it wasn’t the right time. Cutting to the chase, in April 2020 we invested in the necessary equipment and virtual tour editing software so that our clients could view properties in Inland Malaga from all over the world.

For those not familiar with virtual tour technology, the closest comparison I can think of is when you use ‘street view’ with the little yellow man on google maps to walk around towns and cities. This works in a very similar way, taking 360º images in all areas of your house, editing them together to create a cohesive tour and uploading the tour to your property advertisement. The idea here is to give potential purchasers as much information as possible from the confort of their own home.

So, how could a virtual tour help you to sell your property? I understand the query. You’ve had a photoshoot and one of our team has written up a description of your property. You may even have had an aerial photoshoot and video footage taken. The real difference a virtual tour makes to a property advertisement is that it can provide an immersive experience that photos simply cannot achieve. You can spend time virtually walking around a property, getting a feel for the layout, imagining yourself there. This can make ALL the difference. Apart from potentially enticing an in-person or virtual viewing (via facetime or zoom), you can also avoid a viewing that wouldn’t have produced a sale.

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    Thank you for the feedback. The aim isn’t to be impersonal but to give as much information as possible about a property before doing an in-person or virtual viewing.

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