How To Stay Sane Whilst Selling Your Property

It is said that selling and buying property is one of the most stressful moments in your life. 

Yes, it can be up there with that crucial exam when you were 16. 

Forgotten afterwards, and then laughed about, but in the moment itself there would have been anticipation and confusion.

You can feel tested indeed. If not with your patience, or frustration, or curiosity, then your talent of dealing with surprising questions, surprise viewings or lack there of – or you can have the feel that your property is being judged. 

We know and understand this so well!

It’s probably the main reason why we thank you for choosing us. This decision indeed takes trust. And, also similar to the analogy of an exam: it’s a learning curve! Every viewing teaches us all something. 

When we have listed your property, we go to work. This means: focusing on finding the potential buyers. 

We all work towards the same goal: a match between you as a seller and the right buyer. Every buyer is different. Some give us half an hour, some several weeks. Within that time frame it is our task to learn, to look through their eyes, and help them look through the eyes of our wonderful region. 

Most buyers are not only buying a new property: they are also buying a new country, region and lifestyle. So there is much more to take in, more than when buying in their own country. As if arranging a trip to Spain does not already come with enough organization, the amount of information to take in about the region and properties can make their heads spin. 

In the meantime, we are responsible for the safety, the wellbeing, the translating, the time schedules and the brainstorming – so if you wonder why sometimes our agents do not pick up the phone, it’s highly likely that this means we are ‘in the car’. 

There are always 2 people in the office, though most of us come only back late afternoon. 5pm or after is always the best time if you wish a calm, thorough conversation. Hence why we usually call you with feedback after this time. 

Sure, it can also happen that showing the region can only just end before sunset, in which case we allow ourselves to wait for a more appropriate time. 

Potential buyers can be stressed. It’s a big step, and a lot to take in. Therefore we try to make a viewing of your property as relaxed as possible, giving them the time to feel the ambiance, and wait for the questions they find to be most important. Many questions have already been answered before arriving, and other questions are chewed on and asked long after we left your property. 

Remember, we could well have been with the clients for a number of viewings, days, weeks or even years. Through all this time we will know what is important to them, so please forgive us if we don’t mention everything about your property. We will be stressing the parts that make the most difference to our buyers. 

And, as all buyers are different and focus on different aspects, we like viewings to go according to their likes and dislikes.

Is there anything that you can do to prepare? We can talk about that whenever you want. We are just at the other end of the telephone.

It may be difficult at times, but having a little perspective can help! You’re not the first or will be the last person to sell their property and feel like the world is upon your shoulders.

As a last note, thank you! For choosing us, for waving at us on the road, for everything that makes us so proud to be representing you, and you know, if you are puzzled about too long a silence, we are here. 

Grapevine Properties

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