5 Ways You’re Not Improving Your Spanish

Do you ever find yourself in a language learning rut? Do you feel like your Spanish journey is grinding to a standstill?

It’s time to not let the reason you’re not improving be YOU.

You’re not practising at every opportunity

Are you using every possible opportunity to practise and improve? I know this is difficult. Speaking to strangers sometimes means making mistakes, but THAT’S OK. No one ever got better without stumbling along the way. For more information about the ‘confidence’ factor, check out this blog post.

You’re not using Spanish subtitles

If you are using any content streaming service (I’m looking at you, Netflix), there is always an option to add subtitles. Yes, watch a show in it’s original language, but try adding Spanish subtitles. You will for sure pick up some new vocabulary without even trying!

You’re not surrounding yourself in the language

One of the best ways to knock your learning back into action is to find new ways to integrate the language into your daily routine. When your in the car, you’re probably listening to music or a podcast right? Try, just for half an hour a week, turning on the Spanish radio and having it on in the background. Do you have access to Spanish TV? Try switching on the local news whilst you drink your morning cup of coffee.

You’re not using it in the home

Talk to your partner, talk to yourself! Find ways to incorporate the language into the home. For example, make a rule that while you’re eating dinner, it’s a Spanish only zone. Or, use the old post-it trick. I’ve mentioned this one before on the blog, but it’s a goodun! Stick Spanish vocabulary post-its around your home and be constantly reminded of new words.

You’re relying on theory alone

Exercise books and language learning apps are great, but you can’t expect to cement your knowledge without getting out into the real world and actually using it. Get together with a group of friends that are in the same boat once a week and meet for a drink where Spanish is the only language spoken. You’ll be surprised at how good your Spanish is after a couple of cervezas!

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