8 Great Questions To Ask Your Listing Agent Today

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Putting a property on the market can be a daunting task. There is so much to take into consideration and picking an agent to effectively market your property can make a crucial difference. So, what are the key things to ask your agent? Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

1. Where do you advertise?

Does your agent market nationally and internationally? If so, on what platforms? It’s important to know that your agent is marketing your property to a wide range of potential clients.

2. Do you think our price reflects the current market?

Ask your agent for there honest valuation. No one will be more in touch with the current market than someone who shows properties in your local area every day.

3. Can I cancel the listing agreement?

Check the contract you are signing before writing on the dotted line. Some agents may ask for exclusivity for a certain amount of time and others will have a free flowing contract where you can cancel the agreement at any time. Don’t feel pressured and make sure the terms work for you.

4. Will I be working with you directly or is there a team involved?

When you book a listing appointment you may potentially be meeting just one member of the team working to sell your property. Get an idea of who you are working with and what their values are.

5. How do real estate agent fees work?

The services included with each agency will differ wildly. Do they provide photos, video, virtual tours etc? Is this included in their fees? Don’t be afraid to enquire as to when payment will be and how the process works.

6. What can I do to prepare my house for viewings?

Your agent will more than likely have a preferred way in which they would like your property to be presented to show it off at its best.

7. How often will I hear from you?

Establish with your listing agent how you would prefer to be contacted so that they can reach you in a way that best suits your lifestyle. Does you agent provide feedback after a viewing? Will they update you periodically about the market?

8. What happens after we receive an offer?

Enquire about the selling process if you have any queries. Your agent will be happy to clear up any doubts and anything he or she is unable to answer, they will for sure be able to out you in touch with a suitable legal advisor.

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