6 Ways To Keep Cool This Summer

Summer in Spanish Inland Property

Summer has hit in Inland Málaga in a big way and as per usual, we are all surprised at how hot it can get here. I don’t know about you, but us lot are pulling every rabbit in the hat to try and keep cool.

Here are our favourite ways to keep cool this Summer.

1. Frozen Water

This is as easy as every evening popping a couple of 3/4 full water bottles in the freezer to have automatic iced water throughout the day. Use the ice bottles in the morning to cool your neck and drink the super cold water as it melts. You could also invest in a stainless steel bottle that will keep your drink ice cold all day. Have a look at purchasing one!

2. Wet Towel

This is such a good one. A couple of hours before bed, wet a towel (any size) and put it in the freezer then by the time your ready for bed you can use it as a super cool compress.

3. Hand Fan

You don’t think Spanish ladies just carry hand fans around with them becuase they look so elegant? Well OK, that is probably part of it but aside from that they are so useful to have in your car, in your handbag, on your bedside table, you name it! Sometimes the simplest options are the best.

4. Alfresco Dining

One way to keep your house cool is to not cook inside. Turn your oven off and take advantage of the gorgeous weather and cook outside on the BBQ.

5. Keep It Dark

Prevent your house from becoming a greenhouse by closing all the shutters and curtains during the day. It’s a trick Spanish people have been using for years. Dark rooms combined with thick walls will cool a house down naturally without the need for air-conditioning.

6. Instant Iced Coffee

Freeze strong coffee into an ice-cube tray and simply blend with milk on a morning for an instant cold caffeine boost.

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