Events To Look Forward To in 2024 In Málaga

Malaga is a vibrant city with a calendar full of exciting events. Here’s a preview of what you can look forward to in 2024:

1. Malaga Carnival (February): Start the year with a burst of color and energy during the Malaga Carnival. Streets come alive with parades, music, dancing, and flamboyant costumes. Enjoy the vibrant atmosphere and immerse yourself in the local culture.


2. Semana Santa (Holy Week – April): Experience the deeply rooted traditions of Semana Santa in Malaga. Watch the processions of elaborate floats carried through the streets, accompanied by solemn music and religious fervor. It’s a culturally rich and profound experience.

3. Malaga Film Festival (April): For cinephiles, the Malaga Film Festival is a must-visit. Celebrating Spanish cinema, this event showcases a diverse range of films, premieres, and attracts both local and international filmmakers.

4. Feria de Malaga (August): The Feria is a week-long celebration filled with music, dancing, food, and fireworks. The streets light up with colorful decorations, and locals and visitors alike come together to revel in the festive spirit.

5. Malaga Gastronomy Festival (September): This festival showcases the best of Malaga’s culinary scene. Enjoy tastings, cooking demonstrations, and indulge in the rich flavors of Andalusian cuisine.

6. Noche en Blanco (October): Experience Malaga’s artistic side during Noche en Blanco (White Night). The city stays awake all night, offering a plethora of cultural events, exhibitions, music, and performances across its streets and venues.

7. Malaga Christmas Lights (December): End the year with a magical touch by witnessing the stunning Christmas lights that adorn the city. Wander through illuminated streets and squares, soaking in the festive cheer.

Beyond these specific events, Malaga always has something to offer year-round. Don’t miss exploring the Picasso Museum, wandering through the historic Alcazaba, or enjoying the beautiful beaches along the Costa del Sol.

Whether you’re into art, culture, food, or simply want to soak up the vibrant atmosphere, Malaga in 2024 promises a diverse and exciting array of events that cater to every taste.

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