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Located along the A366 Málaga to Ronda road, Alozaina is one of the eight ¨pueblos blancos¨ guarding the Sierra de las Nieves (National Park). Charming whitewashed houses adorned with potted plants and an imposing church mark the pretty town, which was once recognized as one of the most beautiful villages in Spain.

Alhaurín de la Torre

Alhaurín de la Torre is one of the biggest and most vibrant towns in the area, popular because of its location close to the city of Málaga. Many people who work in Málaga live in the village, which is rapidly expanding. Without a doubt and ironically, it will soon be bigger than its neighbour Alhaurín el Grande in size and population.


Alora lies just below the so-called ¨golden city triangle¨; Cordoba, Granada, Seville. The large and typical Spanish village, with over 14.000 inhabitants, is a perfect base for exploring different places and discovering beautiful nature.

Alhaurín el Grande

Alhaurín el Grande is one of the biggest and most vibrant towns in the area, with a privileged location on the skirts of the mountain ‘Sierra de Mijas’, overlooking the Guadalhorce valley. The village is close to the city of Málaga and just a short drive from the coastal areas of La Cala de Mijas and Fuengirola.


Cártama is situated in the heart of the Guadalhorce valley, at the front of two small sierras and surrounded by thousands of citrus trees. It is one of the most extensive towns in the province and being close (17 km.) to the city of Málaga, the airport and the coast, it is a popular location!


Guaro is a modest white village, located on the edge of the Sierra de las Nieves national park. Thanks to its elevated position, at 350 metres above sea level, the village offers privileged views across the surrounding countryside. The area is known for producing almonds and olives, which are an important part of the local economy. Guaro has its own


Monda is a pretty, whitewashed village at the edge of national park Sierra de las Nieves, just 15 minutes from the coast of Marbella. Life is peaceful here and at a slow pace. Locals greet each other passing by and always have time for a chat or a coffee. Although Monda is an authentic Spanish village, the locals mix very well with the other nationalities present in the village (Dutch, English, Swedish, German).


Coín is the central town of the Guadalhorce valley. It is the place to be for locals and farmers living in the surrounding villages, as Coín offers a wide range of shops (Mercadona, Dia, Aldi, Lidl), garages, agricultural stores and fruterias (local fruit and vegetable stores).

The Guadalhorce

This is the valley that runs parallel to the Costa del Sol giving you all the advantages of rural Spain: space, tranquility, safety, views, fresh air, delicious food and a relaxed lifestyle, while at the same time being only 20 minutes from the beach or airport.


The charming white village of Tolox lies against the steep hills of the Sierra de las Nieves, at the end of a side road from the C-344 Málaga-Ronda. It offers beautiful views of the vast rolling countryside below and impressive high mountain peaks above. Tolox is quietly famous for its SPA-waters and one of the gateways to national park Sierra de las Nieves.


The idyllic village of Yunquera sits between El Burgo and Alozaina on the Ronda – Málaga road. Entering the relatively large village, peace and tranquillity meets you. Surrounded by spectacular mountain peaks, which winter snow covers for a few weeks each year, you feel embraced by the beauty of Mother Nature.


Pizarra is a charming, small village located along the local railway line between Málaga and Alora. Surrounded with beautiful nature and rich irrigated lowlands with citrus and other fruit trees, it is perfect for outdoor lovers.


Founded in prehistoric times by the Tartessians, Mijas has a rich ancestral path thanks to its proximity to the coast. The town has been inhabited by the Romans, the Visigoths and the Moors, all of whom have contributed to Mijas’ architecture.


At just 10km from Marbella whilst bursting with vibrant Andalusian culture, you can see why Ojen is such a popular place to live and visit..


With a modest population of 850 residents, you could class this village as one of the hidden gems of the region. The surrounding nature is covered with olive and almond groves: the almond trees blossoming spectacularly in the spring making for a wonderful outlook.


Casarabonela is located at the foothills of Sierra Prieta, part of the Sierra de las Nieves. The air is clean and the views are stunning, due to the elevated position of the village. It is an ideal base for outdoor- and nature lovers.