5 Reasons You Should Retire To Malaga


Should you retire to Malaga?

Around 6 million foreigners call Spain their home and if you look at the reviews, it’s not hard to see why. Spain is famed for its cuisine, local festivities, warm climate and relaxed way of life amongst many other things, making it a top choice when it comes to a retirement getaway.

However, if you are still on fence as to whether the South of Spain is for you, let us help. It’s a big decision.

The Weather

Let’s start with the most obvious and probably the number one reason why most expats decide to plant roots and retire in our region, the weather. Malaga’s hot summers and mild winters are a dream for most Europeans used to unpredictable climates. Málaga boasts 325 days of sunshine a year so you’d better believe you’re going to be soaking up plenty of vitamin D.

Should you retire to Spain?
Should you retire to Spain?

The Easy Travel

Malaga Airport is the forth most travelled to airport in Spain, flying in 18.6 million passengers every year. This makes travelling to Malaga easy and cheaper than other destinations with all budget airlines wanting to make a stop here. It’s also ideal if you’re expecting a lot of visitors which of course you will be, you’ll be living in beautiful Malaga for goodness sake!

The Relaxed Lifestyle

The mañana, mañana way of life can take some getting used to but once you’re acclimatised, the slower pace of life is quite addicting and something a lot of retirees are looking for.

Malaga, and Spain in general, is a very social place. People take the time to chat to their local shopkeeper or pharmacist, long coffee and breakfast engagements are an everyday affair and a chilled caña with lunch is recommended!

The Cost of Living

Another reason to retire to Malaga is that the cost of living in Spain much lower than other European countries.

Recent studies have shown that an average meal out in the UK can cost over 40% more than a similar meal in Spain.

The general cost of living for most utilities, household bills and property taxes are lower than in most other European countries too. The weather here is also a factor, you can save money on the expense of heating your home.

The Properties

Malaga has a home for sale to suit all requirements and lifestyles. From beachside apartments and complexes, to country villas and farmhouses, you’ll be sure to find what you’re looking for in a retirement home in Malaga. And well, if you are thinking of buying a property in Malaga, we can help with that to! Please feel free to browse our website and let us know how we can help you with your property search.