Get into the Feria spirit in Inland Málaga

The Feria season is officially upon us in Inland Málaga with the Alhaurin el Grande and Alhaurin de la Torre editions having already been celebrated this May and June.

But do not fret, there are still many more Feria’s to come this Summer including the Málaga, Coín, Monda and Guaro Feria’s this August.

So, what is a Feria?

The word Feria comes from the Latin “free day”. “Free day” was a day in which all people (even slaves) we not obligated to work and on which there were no court sessions. It is said that the term was coined in Ancient Rome and there were three types: stativae (“fixed,” that is, recurring regularly), conceptivae (movable), or imperativae (appointed for special occasions).

Nowadays in Inland Málaga, people use the Feria to describe a town event that brings all members of the community together. The center of each town or village turns into it’s own carnaval, with live music for the adults and fairground rides for the children.

If you haven’t been to a Feria before, this year is your chance! Make the most of the buzzing atmosphere,  attractions, homemade mojitos and live music.

The Feria ground is lined with different casetas, each one varying in music and ambience
Some of the Grapevine Family enjoying some mojitos!
One of the casetas was a Cuban bar serving slow-cooked meats and choripans.
Come nightfall the streets come alive with bright lights
Altramuces (similar to butterbeans), tiger nuts and slices of coconut are kept fresh with a constant trickle of water

Which Feria are you most looking forward to this Summer?

Laura Wood