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Today, some property owners have called and emailed us asking: “The UK leaving the European Union – what will it mean for us“?

Laura, Office Manager

It is still early days to answer that question. As always after a major change, a market needs time to re-adjust and stabilise. And markets depend on confidence.

5 days after the results of the vote in the UK, confidence is still lacking. The headlines in newspapers hint in too many different directions.
Buyers will have many a question mark, and are also the ones monitoring the exchange rate Sterling/Euro more than anyone else, basing any decision on it. It could swing both ways: to the advantage as well as disadvantage of the property market in inland Málaga.
Markets also depend on investors looking for ‘the right time’. But, what constitutes as the ‘right time’? That’s the question buyers are asking themselves right now.

Are the phones ringing?

Laura: As Office Manager,  I noticed a calm in the first days after the referendum. In past few days however, things have start to pick back up and are slowly returning to normal.

Less UK expats in Málaga – or more?

The current political deadlock in the UK could result in British citizens postponing their plans, or make them want to speed up their dream of living in calm, rural Málaga.

According to Expatistan, the platform monitoring the cost of living calculator, the UK residents’ searches to move abroad has risen 30% this week.

Expats in inland Málaga: just another Spanish-British-Dutch-Mexican-German BBQ

In the words of president Obama:

I think that the best way to think about this is, a pause button has been pressed on the project of full European integration,” Obama said in a wide-ranging interview with NPR’s Steve Inskeep.

I would not overstate it,” the president continued. “There’s been a little bit of hysteria post-Brexit vote, as if somehow NATO’s gone, the trans-Atlantic alliance is dissolving, and every country is rushing off to its own corner. That’s not what’s happening.”

We will have to wait and see what the next weeks will bring.

We at Grapevine will monitor the situation and keep you informed when we detect a trend or novelty.

If you need help with or suggestions on how to increase the potential of your sales, let us know.
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