Moving To The Pretty Village Of Guaro: All You Need To Know

Guaro - Inland Malaga

Guaro is a modest white village, located on the edge of the Sierra de las Nieves natural park. The area is known for producing almonds and olives, which is an important part of the local economy. Guaro has it’s own olive mill, where locals have their harvests pressed. 

The village of Guaro is also used as an Eastern base for access to the Sierra de las Nieves, were you have stunning nature hikes and activities. It is the ideal spot for outdoor lovers and also offers cultural activities like the Luna Mora festival in September, or the Feria in August.

The Basics

Population: 2,200

Size: 22km2

Elevation: 354m

Kilometres to Malaga Airport: 51km (42 minutes by car)

A Very Brief History

Like many white villages in Andalucia, it’s history dates back to the Arabic occupation of Spain. Guaro was conquered in 1485 by Catholic armies. The village was taken shortly after the neighbouring town of Coín and surrendered without the need for battle. Many Moors decided to convert to Christianity and those who wouldn’t were given infertile plots of land and were forbidden from speaking their native tongue. As the environment became more hostile, the moorish population of the village began to slowly vacate the area. Guaro became an independent village in 1614.

The Bars and Restaurants

There are around 10 bars and restaurants in Guaro. You will find mostly traditional Spanish tapas bars that provide a really relaxed atmosphere although there is also a pizzeria and an Italian restaurant.

The Schools

There is a primary school in Guaro, Colegio C.I.E.P Los Almendros, that teaches children from ages 3 to 14. From here, students attend a secondary school in one of the larger towns in Coín or Alhaurín el Grande.

The Healthcare

The doctors office in Guaro is open on mornings between 9.00-14.00 as is by appointment only. You can use the doctors service if you are a tax resident in Spain, if not there are lots of clinics in the nearby town of Coín you can make the most of. To book an appointment, call 955 54 50 60.

The Shops

Guaro is home to many little shops that sell store cupboard basics as well as specialised tiendas that have fresh fruits and vegetables, meat and fish. There is also a weekly market on a Thursday morning that sets up along the main street. The market is a great place to purchase the freshest produce from local sellers as well as clothes, shoes, toys and more.

The Festivities

Luna Mora, translated as Moorish Moon is an historic celebration with arts, crafts and music in the open air amphitheatre of the village. Throughout the evenings of the festival, there is a Moorish style street market, and the entire village is illuminated by over 20,000 candles which is truly beautiful to experience!

Every May the village celebrates its annual pilgrimage parade or ‘Romeria’ terminating at the tiny chapel of ‘Ermita del Santuario del Puerto’ where the whole village throws a two day party ending in a giant Paella for everyone in attendance.

In August the village hosts it’s yearly Feria, an 3 day event that transforms the village into a funfair with rides, live music, competitions and fair stalls.

The Ruta de Tapas is held in May, a day where all the bars in the village compete for the best tapa. Each bar designs a signature dish to serve to the people as they come past, a drink and tapa for a small fixed price. Think of it as a pub crawl, with food.

The Día del Almendro takes place on the last Sunday of January when the almond trees have just begun to blossom. A walk sets off from the village at 11.00 and heads into the countryside to marvel at the young blossom and local vegetation. When the walkers arrive back into village, there are stalls selling almond-based products and the bars fill with hungry (and thirsty) hikers!

Anything else?

Guaro is a very classic Spanish village although there is a small community of expats living there. The village has maintained it’s charm and warmth, one of the reasons people fall in love with it, and the locals are very friendly and welcoming.

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