Spring Favourites

Although Spring isn’t officially here just yet, Grapevine is feeling fresh and motivated. So, what are the things currently keeping us excited this season?

February Sunshine

Yay! The clouds look to have gone away and we are loving the sun shining through our office window and finally being able to go and take some beautiful sunny photos. What a difference the sun makes to how we view a property eh?

Cake in the office

If you see any slightly rounder Grapevine Family members running about the region, it probably has something to do with lovely cakes we’ve been enjoying recently in the office. Jo has been showing off her baking skills and ruining our waistlines. If you haven’t popped by for a coffee in a while, this is definitely a good excuse!

Facebook live

We predict that in 2019 live video content is going to take over written posts. Did you see May and Maggie last week reporting from the market in Guaro and filming in some of the townhouses we have to offer in the village? Stay tuned to our facebook to see what we are getting up to on a daily basis and keep your eyes peeled for live Q&A sessions, coming soon. Like our facebook page and get involved here.

Country walks

Blow away those cobwebs and get lost in our stunning countryside. You could climb ‘La Concha’ and marvell at the views of Marbella bay or take the back road between Guaro and Monda one morning, grab breakfast and walk back. It doesn’t have to be anything of epic proportions, why not take a stroll along the Rio Grande and paddle in the  shallows? Nacho’s a fan too!

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