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I guess it feels a little cliché to do one of these ‘year in review’ style columns however we feel that it’s helpful for us to see year on year how we change with the times, grow and improve our way of working. 

We continued to market overseas, being present in four exhibitions, two in the UK and two in the Netherlands, our two largest markets. In general we found that the interest in the Guadalhorce was high and the feedback we got was that people were happy to see something else other than beachside resorts. People were happy to see the real Spain.

We of course hosted our annual Grapevine BBQ on the 6thof May and hosted more people than ever before with help from the amazing T&S Butchers who catered. Keep an eye out for the date of next year’s edition, and come say hola!

We had a bittersweet June, having to say goodbye to Marly who moved back to the Netherlands that month. The good news is that she is now working remotely networking with Dutch and Belgian clients on a daily basis and representing us at the Second Home Exhibitions. 

With regards to the market, Grapevine saw a strong increase in townhouse sales this year. We noticed a trend in clients looking at townhouses and apartments around and under 100,000€ and country properties around 400,000€. 

We have starting writing a monthly article for the popular publication, The Olive Press. Our column ‘The Grapevine’ acts as a companion piece for our blog, reaching new audiences and talking about not just the Inland Málaga lifestyle, but also market trends and general information about real estate in the area. 

We’ve been more active than ever on social media, using our official Facebook page to talk about everything going on in the Grapevine world. Log on to have a look and follow us for weekly updates on properties, lifestyle and local events. Connect with our Facebook page HERE.

Hosting our first Christmas Posada (a Mexican Christmas gathering) was definitely one of our highlights of the year. The party involved a small group of friends gathering around the fire sipping warm punch, breaking homemade piñatas and listening to Spanish Christmas music (with some Wham! sprinkled in for good measure!)

So, what are our plans for 2019? Our main goal for the New Year is to continue to find new and interesting ways of connecting with vendors and possible purchasers by thriving on social media and producing different styles of videos to engage with different sorts of clients. 

Hasta Siempre, 2018!

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