My Favourite Thing about Inland Malaga is…

My favourite thing about living in the Malaga area of course has to be the food and the relaxed way in which it is served – it is refreshing and very noticeable the way bar staff and waiters serve you with enthusiasm which is sometimes lacking in other locations. This makes the dining experience much more relaxing. A short drive into the countryside and you discover little ventas frequented by the locals that have not changed for many years – discovering such a place makes our day. – Jo Wood

The pure, tranquil, lovely, green and coloured nature and fruits in the tranquil, pristine, breathtakingly fresh air under a clear, blue Spanish sky. God’s or the universe’s love letter to humans, every single day you see a painting of beauty. – Ben Geurts

When I think about what I love about inland Malaga, I immediately think of the venta´s.
As a food lover, I love the venta´s in the area, because they have a traditional Andalucian menu. From boquerones on bread, to croquetas, to a thick healthy vegetable soup.
You can get a Menu del Dia for only 8€ in which you get a starter, a main and a dessert.
At this time of year, I am surprised every time by the almond blossom dotted in the valley. I wouldn’t notice an almond tree at first easily, but when they blossom you realise how many there are! – May Brummelaar

The mountain views, especially when I’m driving out of Coín towards the airport and the view of the mountains opens up and I get a warm feeling. The mountains always make me feel happy to live within such a beautiful, dramatic landscape.
The cheap cafe con leche, where else can you get a cup of coffee and sit outside soaking up the sun for only €1?!
The outdoor living. We love sitting outside in the evening and enjoying our dinner in the warmth of the evening sun.
The Sunday market in Coín (3 markets in 1).  We love walking around the Flea Market and finding some new plants for the garden or looking at the leather goods.  The Craft Market is perfect for sampling specialist produce such as a variety of olives, local pottery, organic beauty products, speciality jamon and my favourite israeli food and the ecological fruit and veg market is the place to visit for all your organic food.  Local farmers bring their home grown produce to the market weekly.  The food is seasonal so don’t expect to get the same produce every week.  Oranges are a plenty from November until March and Tomatoes from September until November.  – Maggie Scoley

What I love most about Inland Málaga is wondering through the beautiful countryside on horseback, under a clear blue sky!
Nobody looks surprised if you pass the village or local bar on your horse. People friendly wave at you and go on with their daily routine.
When you ride through the majestic mountains of the Sierra de las Nieves, which look different every day, the only thing you hear is the bells of the shepherd and his goats who are crossing your path. Everything is peaceful and it almost feels like time is standing still. The old Roman roads take you anywhere you want. You can ride from one village to the next, picking oranges or almonds on the way. For a moment you feel don’t have a care in the world. This kind of freedom to me is the unique beauty of the ‘Real Andalucia’ as I like to call our inlands.  – Marly van den Reek

My favorite thing about inland Malaga is finding little Ventas off the beaten track and feeling like you have stepped back in time both with the style of property and menu and the warmth of the people in the these little hidden gems – Graham Wood
What’s your favourite thing about Inland Malaga?
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