Breakfast in Inland Málaga

Desayuno is the most important meal of the day and in Inland Málaga it is no different.

Let me paint you a picture.

In Inland Málaga breakfast orders can vary from the most simple pitufo con aceite (a toasted roll with olive oil and salt) to a completo (a roll filled with a choice of meat with cheese, lettuce and tomato). If you can find a place where the locals are ordering fresh churros, you know you’ve hit the jackpot! Test the quality of the olive oil sitting on the table and suss out whether to order a tostadas con tomate (toast with tomatoes and olive oil) or a pitufo mixto (a toasted and melty cheese and ham roll).

Are you a cafe solo or a cafe con leche kind of person? That’s the first thing you have to work out. Or, do you dislike coffee and prefer a té de manzanilla? Hot chocolate is not just for children and sometimes there is nothing like a hot Cola Cao to warm your palms on.

Coffee Chart

If you get really friendly with your favourite breakfast bar you’ll get to the point where you just be able to order lo de siempre (the usual) and feel like a real local! And you’ll ask ¿cuánto te debo? (how much do I owe you?) instead of la cuenta, and feel like a Spanish pro!

On market days, breakfast is a hubbub of activity. Ladies scurry in and out with bags of fresh produce and bargains, with their husbands hiding out at the bar.

Types of people to spot at breakfast:

  • Groups of ladies huddling round a small table after dropping their children off from school.
  • Elder gentleman sat at the bar nursing an anís and chatting to the waiting staff.
  • Groups of well-dressed proffesionals checking their emails and revising their schedules.
  • A gossiping table of elder ladies dolled up to the nines and wearing their favourite lipsticks.
  • Bonus weekend spot!: bedraggled youngsters still out from the night before grabbing a chocolate con churros before wandering wearily home.

Are you going out for breakfast this morning? Send us a picture of your lo de siempre and make us hungry!

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