How to make paella

Here’s a recipe for a really festive paella.
In Spain you would so often cook paella: this one is a really luxurious one though, with all the whistles and bells, for a very special occasion or a lovely afternoon with friends around the paella pan.

It’s the paella we make for the yearly ‘Office Paella Day‘. See the video and find the ingredients and explanation below.

The ingredients to prepare:

beforehand or while you are sitting around the fire – and to add in this order:

– Olive oil
– Onion
– Bay leaves
– Peppers
– Garlic
– Bacon
– Chorizo
– Spices: Safron & Paprika
– Tomatoes
– Rice
– Prawn stock
– Chicken stock
– Chicken thighs
– Prawns
– Mussels

The Method:

– Peel whole prawns and put the shells and heads to one side.
– Prepare chicken and prawn stock in advance by poaching the chicken thighs and prawns shells and heads in water to create a flavourful broth.
– Remove the chicken thighs from their stocks and gently break up the meat.
– Roughly dice the onions and peppers and thinly slice the garlic.
– Heat olive oil in a paella pan over a medium heat.
– Add peppers, onions, bay leaves and garlic to the pan and sauté until translucent.
– Add chorizo and fry until it cooks and release it’s colour into the vegetables.
– Add spices and cook them out. Then add rice and mix well.
– Pour in a glass of white wine and cook out the alcohol.
– Add a mixture of both stocks until the rice is nearly cooked.
– Stir in the chicken, mussels and prawns and when the rice is cooked, your shellfish should be aswel!
– Garnish with plenty of parsley and lemon. Enjoy!

With love from Málaga!

Grapevine Properties
Guaro, Málaga

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