Wander the streets of Yunquera..

Some people that come to the valley tend to forget to visit Yunquera. Why? There are many reasons to visit this beautiful town nestled away in the Sierra de las Nieves!

To start off, we love the local panaderia with its traditional ´Molletes´. These are delicious bread rolls baked in a traditional oven, you cannot get them any fresher. Anytime anyone in the office goes to Yunquera, they come back with lots of bags! You would have to get there early though, because half way through the morning they have all been bought and taken home to enjoy.

Back in the old days, the very last bandit was spotted in Yunquera. But there is no sign of that these days. Being the most elevated town in the valley, Yunquera now gives you  a relaxed vibe when you are there. People are friendly passing you by on the street, having a chat and a laugh, and are just simply enjoying life. Having a beer and tapas at the square is all you need here.

Apart from a beer, you cannot miss out on Bodega El Por Fin where the owner makes his own wine. This is poured right into your glass from a jug. It is dangerously nice, because of the light sherry-like taste of it.

Wander the streets and enjoy the smell of Mediterranean forest, local cookery, peek through the houses to see the incredible views from this town or the energetic amongst us can go for hikes in and around the town to be overwhelmed by the nature of the Sierre de las Nieves.

It doesn´t get any more Andalucian than this. You will just have to experience it in real life, so make sure you don´t miss out on this town when you visit the valley. Slow down your pace and you will be guaranteed of a great experience in inland Málaga.

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