And Málaga’s most popular heartthrob is…?

Life’s not fair. If your history goes from Roman Theatre to Comedia dell’Arte to Opera, it’s little miracle that screens world wide are saturated with Brando’s, Madonna’s and DiCaprio’s. Knowing how to play crowds runs through your veins.

Italy might have copyrighted the Latin Lover, good old Hispania still does rather well in the domain – and then, obviously, Málaga stands out again.

Antonio Banderas, anyone? From Benalmádena.
Pablo Picasso? Málaga ciudad.
Julio Iglesias?  Somewhere between Miami and Ojén.
Carmen? Ronda. La Macarena?  from Marbella.
OK, the latter is an imaginary character from a song. That there is such a song though is tale-telling.
With some goodwill and positive thinking we could say that also Enrique Iglesias surely must have a temporary post box in Ojén.
And that’s just people from Málaga, only one of the 53 provinces of Spain. So let’s not try to count the number of times that the expression ‘Spanish eyes’ pops up in songs the world over (If only Sevilla would be so kind to be in Málaga, we would win the gold medal of the universe, with Don Juan).

With a good 500 million views on YouTube, it’s clear though that a new prince, a new Pablo has come to town.

Who else than….

that Malagueño having to carry 5ft8 of charisma through Calle Larios… the walking ballad named Pablo Alborán?

No idea why there are 1,100,000 pages about him in Google, we ourselves find him to be rather forgettable (which we find ever since we personally met him, after a concert in the auditorium of Guaro in 2011, around 23:16 in Bar Lord Canis) (he wore a green T-shirt).

We hardly ever listen to his songs, except from 09:00 to 17:00 in the office, and in the car during property viewings and during dance lessons, tennis lessons, jogging sessions, while making paella for the family, in the gym and at office BBQ’s.

Or, obviously, when it so happens to be that we bump into him in Málaga, which seems to occur more since we changed our favourite bar, and discovered to our surprise it’s his too.

On a fully unrelated topic: Málaga Ciudad is now in the Top 10 of best cities to live in in the world,  at least according to a Eurobarometer survey from the European Commission (EC), which discussed issues such as the state of  infrastructure and services, employment opportunities, housing situation, the integration of foreigners and the feeling of security.
We all know that those things ain’t mean a thing, if you ain’t got da swing.  We knew the above long, long, long before any Survey from any Commission.

Saludos from inland Málaga!

Grapevine Properties
Guaro, village where Pablo A was once spotted, Málaga Hills

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