Why do we in inland Malaga look so amazing?

We’re in between a rock and a hard place:
A Beach Culture on one side, and nothing but fit builders and gardeners on the other.
In a country that is forever included in any ‘Top 10 of fittest population‘ on earth, and that dominates in sports from soccer to tennis.

How oh how are we going to fit in??! 

Wellllll…. we already do:

  • Tapas: portion control.
  • Steep alleys: no budget needed, no motivation necessary: any village is a free gym, the campo is a free full-time personal trainer.
  • Being busy: just when you trimmed the 10.000 square meters of land you need to walk the 23 dogs.
  • Freshest air of Europe: did you know that healthy air is filled with vitamins, even proteins?
  • A tapa: portion control. Alcohol absorption.
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables: ¡Viva the Frutería! Nothing needs to be transported from Africa, it’s from straight around the corner, so more fresh is not possible – nor needs less fossil fuel, nor better to support your local economy.
  • Olive oil: the best skin conditioner or hair gel you can find.
  • Music, dancing: shortcuts to happiness, and nothing gives you a glow like happiness.
  • A tapa: portion control.
  • Vocal gym: hands flying in all directions, ar-ti-cu-la-ting, letting the message come from the belly… anyone learning Spanish notices how it brings out the extrovert you didn’t even know you had in you.
  • Force majeure: if as man of 70kgs you are going to take on a prehistoric animal of 700 kgs, of which 5 kgs of horns, you tend to have a tad more motivation for training (Not that many of us would fall in this category, so let’s just pleasantly point out that a wild boar is around 80 kgs and an eagle easily achieves 150 km/hour).
  • Tapa: portion control.
  • Repeat button: another fresh orange from your own tree
  • Vestimentary taste: there’s no way around it, an environment changes you, if you see things 100 times you start to like them. So bye bye track suits and socks in sandals, and welcome Zara, Adolfo Dominguez, Massimo Dutti, Desigual, Caramelo, Springfield, Bershka, Pull & Bear,…

The question rather is…

How are we going to fit in again ‘back home’??!

We find we are gasping for air, our eyes miss the colours, our body behaves as though it was moved from a valley into a flat, no way you could ever let your body live there, and forget about the tapping or clapping of flamenco… and who are those pale people that always find a reason to dress in grey?

Naming a bump in the road a hill?!

We’ve also become more Paso Doble than tea dance, have not studied a culture but had a culture studying and changing us – we give you 5 years before your very first, spontaneous, heartfelt and impulsive ¡olé!
That expression of being alive.
Which is celebrated here, it does not have a holiday dedicated to it, but a life.

Grapevine Properties

Guaro, Sierra de las Nieves, 300 m above sea level

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