Netflix and Learn Spanish

Are you guilty of binge watching your favourite series until 2am?

Are you trying and perhaps struggling to improve your Spanish?

Are you stuck on what to watch on Neflix?

If you’ve answered a great honking “YES!” to all of the above you should definitely keep on reading cause here are five series/movies on Netflix that have Spanish as their primary language that you should check out immediately.

  • “Narcos”

One of the most talked about Netflix series and for good reason, Narcos takes the viewer on trip to Columbia in a true life story about the notorious drug cartels. Centring around drug-lord Pablo Escobar and his rise to power in Medellin, the drama mixes the English and Spanish language to create realism that really makes you feel that your in the depths of this South American city.

  • “I’m so Excited”

I’ve spoken briefly about my love for Almodovar before and although I’m so Excited isn’t my favourite film of his, it’s still quirky, original and one of the more light heartened things on the list. When a plane full of passengers is trying to find an airport to land in the midst of a technical fault, everyone does their best to make light of the situation amongst the panic.

  • “The Motorcycle Diaries”

Meet Che Guevarra before he became Che Guevara. Gael Garcia Bernal plays the revolutionary as he ventures into South America on motorcycle with his brother on a trip that will show him his true purpose in life.

  • “Grand Hotel”

Compress all the scheming of 3 seasons of Downton Abbey into 5 minutes, and you’ve got ‘Gran Hotel’. After the success of the former, it’s no surprise also this Spanish TV series is taking the world by (calm) storm. Top-knotch eye-candy!

  • “Cartel Land”

A eye-opening documentary telling the true story of two vigilante groups fighting the same  cause, the Mexican drug carteles. On one side, Doctor José Manuel Mireles, who leads a citizen rebel group who actively stand up to these day to day threats. On the other a U.S veteran, working to stop cartel border crossings.

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