Learn 1000 Spanish words in 1 minute

Do you want to learn Spanish fast? Really fast? Let’s go!

Words ending with -TION?   Change them to –CIÓN.

Conversation – Conversación,
reception – recepción,
and so on. It does not always work, the majority of times it does though!

Words ending with -ECT or -IC?  Try them with an added -O

Perfect – perfecto
Magic – mágico
Et cetera.  
Can you think of more words?

Words ending with -TE?  Replace it by -R.

Tolerate – tolerar
Decorate – decorar
Et cetera. 

Words ending with -TY?  Give them a twang by -DÁD.

Positivity – positividad
Quality – calidad


It is said that you can get by in a language once you know 3000 words.
So now you are 30% bilingual.

A study tip? Try to come up with as many words as the above. It’s a great exercise.

¡Buena suerte!

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