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Check this site to stay up to date and find some interesting information on the second home market in Spain. was created by foreigners who bought properties in Spain and so they know the different steps of an acquisition: get the information, find properties, get the help of advisors… The Spanish market is specific and it is important to get experts on your side on the ground and speaking your language. publish interesting information and tips on the Spanish property market. It’s very helpful for foreigners looking to buy a second home. Have a look at their “must read” paper analyzing the reasons why you should invest in Spain: it has many useful information. Their mission is to be “the” source of information for foreigners buying houses in Spain. The way they add value is their network of experts.

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Those are a few interesting news we picked for you from their news section:

01/03/2017 Malaga: an emerging city to buy second homes

24/02/2017 Top 8 tips for not wasting money when you buy in Spain

14/02/2017 Property purchases in Spain recorded a strong growth in 2016

29/01/2017 Spanish Real Estate return estimated at 8,4%

27/01/2017 Where are foreigners buying Real Estate in Spain in 2016?

27/01/2017 Is the cost of life in Spain much cheaper than in Europe?

Stay up to date on the residential market prices and activity in Spain

They provide as well interesting tables with price evolutions of the Spanish real estate market on a national level, on a regional level and a comparison with the international market. Last but not least have a look at their “Return & mortgage” page for interesting financial analysis.

You have another “Report” section with detailed analysis on the market: Where do foreigners buy in Spain? What is the activity on the mortgage market?

Check their useful Infographics

So, if your considering purchasing in our beautiful region, definitely check out this website  for plenty of advice and information.

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