5 things to take with you to the Romeria

I was totally unprepared for my first Romeria. I got terribly sunburnt, didn’t have a clue what we were actually celebrating and arrived home looking like I’d been in a fistfight with a bottle of vino tinto.

Don’t do what I did. Be prepared for the Romeria with these 5 essentials!

  1. Sun Protection

We’re talking May in Málaga so it’s going to be hot. Unless you want to leave with lobster-face, sun cream and a hat is an absolute must when pilgrimaging to the Romeria spot.

  1. Frozen Water

Fill a bottle of water up three-quarters of the way the night before and stick it in the freezer. You will not only have an on-the-go ice block, but as it melts the cold water is a refreshing change from the buckets of Cartojal and fino you’ll be consuming.

  1. Tissues or Wet-wipes

Don’t be stuck in the campo without a tissue or some wet-wipes. Whether you’ve managed to spill wine down your arm or got paella all over your face, you will be the most popular person at the party if you have one of these on hand.

  1. Una Bota

This traditional wine-skin, typically made of leather or goat skin, is used to carry wine. You use it by holding it above you face and squirting it from a distance into your month. The further away the bota is from your face, the more pro you are.

  1. Knowledge about San Isidro

The Romeria celebrates the patron saint of agriculture and farming, Isidro Labrador. Romeria’s take place all over Spain to honor San Isidro, taking place on the weekend of the 15th of May every year as this was the day the Saint passed away in 1130.

Laura Wood