Inland Málaga is Singin’ in the Rain!

Let’s do something really Northern European this week: talk about the weather. 

It’s a given that the die-hards amongst us are still trying to tan; shivering and shaking by the pool. Most of us though, are not. We do not exactly feel like doing the Macarena this week. The rain in Spain does NOT mainly stay in the plain.

Only one of us is humming ‘Singing in the rain’:

The campo!

The campo, or ‘field’, or ‘countryside’, that great provider of our fresh vegetables, fruits and water, the territory of our wildlife, is having a field day. It couldn’t possibly be more ideal.

First a day of drizzling, making the soil moist and heavy and solid enough to cope with showers.

Then the showers, then raining cats and dogs, not draining away with the dust but actually sinking deep into the earth, filling up all natural reservoirs and wells that have been so dry or empty after such a dry winter.

Then a filmy rain, making leaves and branches shine and putting a layer of lushness over the countryside.

This changing of the type of rain is as if an expert of irrigation is carefully manipulating the weather with the greatest empathy for every fruit under the sun. Not to mention the wild boar who no longer need to come down the mountains in order to find water.

According to predictions we’re still in for a few days of the same – which is…

…the best possible preparation of the long, very long summer to come.

So, actually, it IS a moment to be happy.

Have a cozy week everyone! (Just tell yourself you just saved on a holiday to Scotland.)

Ben Geurts
Guaro, Málaga

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