What Are We Excited For After The Lockdown?

All this positive news has got us thinking about thing first thing we are going to do when lockdown is over…

For me living in Spain is all about the lifestyle and food and lockdown has highlighted how much I take that for granted sometimes.  We forget how lucky we are to be able to walk into almost any bar/restaurant and find good quality food – im not talking about Michelin star food but excellent quality, well cooked food – I guess for me it is all about the quality of the produce, a simple plate of fresh grilled rosada or calamari, a simple fresh salad – full of flavour and beautifully prepared.  So, the first thing that I would like to do when lockdown is over is to visit a local tapas bar, sit outside – watch the world go by and eat fabulous food in the sunshine with a cold glass of something. – Jo Wood

The first thing that I’m going to do is to walk into nature, for hours if not a day or days to make up for all the missed dog walks. I’m finally going to climb that mountain to the summit and follow that river to the source, and look at nature, birds, sheep, shepherds, farmers like I never saw them before. And, of course, hit a dance floor. Even if it’s me on my own there! – Ben Geurts 

There is no one thing that I am looking forward more a collection of things. Firstly I want to go the Peña Flamenca in Guaro and chat to our mates about how we got on these last weeks. Secondly, I cant wait to smash a few balls into the rough after having a full English at Santana with my Campo Golf mates. Thirdly I would like to visit Malaga and go and have oysters and fizz with Jo at La Medusa Osteria and then on to Uvedoble, one of our favourite places to eat in the city. – Graham Wood

Drinking, eating and socialising with friends in bars and restaurants has always been one of my favourite things to do, I have found that continuous solo drinking can become rather tedious, not to mention dangerous! As my wife is incarcerated in France and I in Spain, there is a strong possibility we will be reunited post release, in which case I am cautiously optimistic that I am looking forward to that too! – Chris Diplock

I’m so looking forward to going down to the beach, sitting in a little chiringuito, ordering some tasty seafood and soaking up the sunshine. There’s a particular place we love to go to in Malaga (a little bit more up market then a typical chiringuito) called El Balneario. It sits on the waterfront, they have live Spanish music on a weekend lunchtime and serve possibly the best seafood arroz I have ever tasted. It’s a wonderful atmosphere! – Laura Wood

El Balneario, Malaga

What are you most looking forward to?

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