Getting to know the Ratonero Bodeguero

If you’ve popped into the our office for a coffee you will have no doubt met our lovely office dog Nacho.

(This whole post is really just an excuse to post unnecessary amounts of photos of Nacho. #sorrynotsorry)

Photo credit: Robin May

Once you know how to indentify them you will start to see these friendly animals everywhere.

The Ratonero Bodeguero, usually shortened to Bodeguero, comes from the Spanish words for ‘rat’ and ‘wine cellar’.

Bodegueros originated at the end of the 17th century when British wine merchants started to settle in the Cádiz area. They would bring their smooth coated Fox Terriers with them to breed with the native Spanish terriers. The wine-makers would use the dogs to hunt the mice, rats and other small animals hiding the wine and sherry cellars. Although bodegueros became widely recognisable in the area, they weren’t officially classed as a breed in Spain until the year 2000.

How to spot a Bodeguero

Bodegueros may vary slightly in size and head shape, however it’s the dog’s distinct markings that set this breed apart. They are white with distint black and brown patches. The black and brown markings on the face almost look like a mask and on some dogs you can clealy see their black spotted skin under their predominately white coat. They are closest in size and stature to a Jack Russell Terrier.

Bodegueros are lively and friendly. This extremely socaiable animal loves being around adults, children and other dogs. They are energetic and enjoy the countryside however are also very adaptable and could make themselves at home in a city environment.

Do you know any Ratonero Bodegueros? Pictures welcome!

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  1. Susan Grekso says:

    Looks similar to my sweet rat terrier.

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