You can’t buy happiness…

…but you can be in Andalucía in spring. 

Can you all feel it? That pinch of primavera in the air? The first sparkles? Those first hints of the build-up of new life?

As seasoned travellers know: it’s never the destination, always the journey. It’s never the highlight of the season that is exciting, but its build-up. And, oh my, how Andalucía knows about theatrical build-ups.  

That’s why spring is our favourite time of the year in inland Málaga. New beginnings!

Nature and humans alike are working on the movie set on 2017: babystep by babystep, the days are getting longer, the weather is evolving towards that ideal mix of warm in the sun and cool in the shade, and you can see spring in the step of people.

The almond and orange blossom scatters the countryside with white and pink, making you feel like singing ‘Edelweiss‘.

You start to debate whether it’s warm enough to swim in the piscina yet. The brave jump in and soon regret their decision. The not-so-brave dip their toe in and decide otherwise.

The farmers plant their crops for the summer.

There is the first ‘shorts or trousers?’ debate in the morning. The first endearingly hopeful thoughts of how to obtain a beach body. The phones of personal trainers start to ring.

You begin to organise the first thought about the first barbeque.  Will it be a big affair or with just 5000 of your most intimate friends? This year you’re going to branch out from burgers and sausages. This year you’re going to grill fillets of pork and tuna steaks. No, peppers and mushrooms only. No, just salad. You stay optimistic.

The villages have their first meetings about the Semana Santa or the Romería. You see more horses on streets. More sheep shepherds. You see uninspired bloggers start posting photos of blossoms and writing about new beginnings.

If it’s your first time to our blog, pardon our enthusiasm. You will have to know that in this world there are enthused people, there are very enthused ones, and then those in inland Málaga.

We wish you a lovely journey into 2017!

Laura and Ben from the office of…
Guaro, Málaga

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