10 Signs That You’ve Been Living In Spain For Too Long

Do you hum the Mercadona theme tune around the kitchen? Do you dream of the perfect paella? These are just two of the symptoms that you’ve been living in Spain for too long.

1. You consider it totally normal for shops to close between 2pm-5pm.

Before the idea of life closing down between 2pm and 5pm seemed like a ridiculous notion. Now however, you plan your whole day around shop opening times.

2. You know the Mercadona jingle.

You know it, you’ve hummed it and, let’s face it; you’ve probably sung it out loud in the supermarket isles. Someone has merely got to say the word “Mercadona” and you can guarantee someone to chant that ever so catchy jingle.

3. You know the day feria is way better than the night feria.

The night feria is for children, and you know that actually the real fun really goes down during the feria de día. Those mojitos though…

4.Mastering the tortilla de patatas has become a major part of your life.

Practice makes perfect, and this delicious dish is a lot hard to master than it may seem.

5. You think tostadas con tomate with a café con leche is actually the perfect breakfast.

Whilst tourists are hankering over a bacon and egg sandwich, you’d prefer nothing better than toasts with tomatoes, olive oil and a sprinkling of salt. All this accompanied by a café con leche, of course.

6. Speaking of café con leche, you always order it in a glass and not a mug.

There’s no better way to enjoy a Spanish coffee than in a tall glass. The glass rim always burns your fingers, but the coffee itself somehow tastes so much better this way. Why this is, we will never know.

7.You get irritated with mispronunciations of words like Paella and Chorizo.

You cringe a little inside when you hear people on the telly mispronouncing these words. You’ve probably heard the word Chorizo being said in around 5 different ways, none of which correct.

8. Mañana, Mañana, Mañana.

Mañana isn’t just ‘tomorrow’ in Spanish; it’s a way of life. This relaxed manner that once irritated you, has actually grown on you overtime until it eventually has become one of the most endearing qualities of Spanish people.

9. Even though you live 30 minutes from the sea, you rarely go to the beach.

You tell yourself “I’ll go to the beach all the time!” But in reality, why cover yourself in sand when most inland properties have a private pool?

10. Tinto de verano is your perfect summer drink.

Literally translated into ‘summer wine’, you know there is nothing more refreshing on a hot summers day than a mix of red wine and casera/fanta limón over ice.

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