Our Guide To The Best “Mixto” In Inland Málaga

It’s no secret that us Grapevine lot like to talk, blog, film, photograph and eat lots of tasty food. This article will be no different, but will hopefully give you some breakie inspiration.

“So, what is a mixto?” You ask.

In it’s most basic form a mixto is basically ham and cheese between two slices of toasted white sandwich bread. However, if you change the word sandwich to pitufo or (even better) mollete you are entering into a whole new world of amazing. Breakfast in Inland Malaga has never been more delicious.

As you may imagine, during our years in the region, the Grapevine Family has devoured many a mixto, you may even call us experts. 😉

Mixto pros even vary their order by adding tomato or a fried egg.

We have done our homework and here is our round up of the five top places to get a pitufo or mollete mixto in Inland Málaga.

Bar Quini, Yunquera

It is well known in the area that if you want the best mollete, you simply MUST go to Yunquera. We have been known to go up there especially, buy 30 molletes and stock our freezers to the rafters.

Restaurante Casa Loli, Cartama Estación

Great service, a soft pitufo and melty cheese. There is a reason Casa Loli is jam packed every morning.

Cafetería Maza, Coín

The winners choice here is adding not only a fried egg to your sandwich, but also sliced garlic lightly fried in olive oil. 100% messy, 100% worth it.

Cafetería La Ventilla, Alhaurín el Grande

Cafetería La Ventilla is not to be under estimated. Located at a petrol station on the outskirts of the town, this cafe has made a name for itself by serving killer breakfasts.

Hijos de Ana Hevilla, Coín

Although they are more famous for their amazing fresh churros, don’t skip the sandwiches, especially the pitufo mixto. It’s really good and the coffee is piping hot.

Please do let us know if we have missed anywhere key. Our research is very important to us.

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