Events to look forward to (January-April)

Hot off the heels of our 2017 round-up, here our top events not to miss in Inland Malaga this year.


 Evening of the 5th: Los Reyes Magos are coming to town! Find out all about them here.

Expect to see: Colourful parades where the Reyes Magos throw sweeties and confetti into crowds of excited children.

28th: Día del Almendro, Guaro.  Sign up on the Guaro Website for either a 4.5km or a 9km walk in the beautiful Guaro hills. The hike leaves the centre of the village at 10.00 and is a fantastic chance to see the almond trees in full bloom. On finishing the walk, you can purchase a bowl of traditional almond soup and browse the stalls selling (you guessed it) almond-based products.

Expect: Families, couples, groups of friends from all over the region and of course, plenty of almonds!


28th: Día de Andalucia, celebrating the day in 1980 when Andalucia became a autonomous community for the first time. Children celebrate in their schools by feasting on pitufo de aceite and hot chocolate at break time.

Expect to see: White and green striped flags proudly dangling from windows.


28th, 29th and 1st April: Semana Santa. Spain is predominantly Catholic therefore the Easter Week in Inland Málaga is one of the most important of the year.

Expect to see: Impressive processions reenacting the holy events that took place over this time.


13th-22nd: Festival de Cine de Malaga. It’s Malaga’s 21st annual film festival!

Expect to see: Red carpets, Spanish cinema and a buzzing environment.

29th: La Romeria de Alora, celebrating the patron saint, la Virgen de la Cabeza. Legend says that Saint Euphrasis brought an original painting of the Virgin Mary with him when he travelled to Andujar, Spain. The image was hidden at the top of the highest hill in the Sierra Morena called the Cerro de Cabezo. Five centuries later a Shepard, suffering from paralysis in his left arm, began to see strange lights on the cerro and decided to climb up the hill and found that the image was still there between two blocks of granite. He picked up the image and found that his arm had been cured. The people of Alora celebrate this miracle with a yearly pilgrimage.

Expect to see: People of all ages coming together. There is a service in the chapel followed by la Virgen de la Cabeza being paraded around the streets.

So, there is plenty to look forward to as usual this year. Stay tuned for May-August and September-December covering all the year’s ferias, summer festivals and holy celebrations.

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