Why should we buy locally in inland Málaga?

One of the best ways of supporting your local community in inland Málaga is by buying locally. That means visiting the weekly markets in the area, making the most of the one-of-a-kind shops in your town or village and visiting your local farmer.

This may seem difficult, as these tiendas don’t always stock the largest variety of produce, where you can, when you can, support them. I have actually found that in Guaro, that if you ask shop to try and source/stock a particular item, they will go out of their way to bring it into the shop to keep you going back and spreading the word.

I suppose it’s like a big circle. If we foreigners start to support more local businesses, these businesses will be able to stock a larger selection of items and the owners will have more profit to spend on luxuries, such as going to bars and restaurants. So this money that we are spending somewhere other than Mercadona is enriching the community and it’s inhabitants and helping to the grow the local economy.

Apart from this clear economical advantage, there are other things to take into account. Do we actually ever know where the fruits and vegetables stocked at supermarkets are actually sourced? And how long is it really taking for this produce to hit the shelves?

Anyone who has picked an orange from a tree in the campo knows how amazing local produce can taste. We should be supporting these local farmers who are creating the highest quality product right at our front door.

We are lucky enough to live in an area that so rich in agriculture. Why don’t we take local buying that step further and contact the farmer directly? Apart from buying the absolute freshest food, you will also begin to understand the importance of agriculture in our region.

So this week, get to know your local butcher, baker (and candlestick maker), ferreteria, fruteria, papeleria and all the other ia’s in your community.

Laura Wood


1 thought on “Why should we buy locally in inland Málaga?

  1. Patricia Brown says:

    Thank you for your info . We can’t wait to move over as soon as the lockdowns are over.
    Patricia Brown

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