5 things to look forward to this Summer in Málaga

Now that the rain has cleared and the fields are looking luscious and green again, we can start to look forward to the glorious season ahead! Here are the top 5 things we are looking forward to this Summer in inland Málaga.

1. BBQ’s with family and friends

One of the best things about the warmer months is the opportunity to entertain guests outside. Make the most of the warm evenings by dining outside and watching the gorgeous summer sunsets.

2. Summer festivities

July and August mean that it’s Feria time. There are so many local events in summer; the town Ferias, San Juan, Virgen del Carmen etc, just another great excuse to get integrated with your community and enjoy our wonderful region. Also, as the evenings get warmer, the local bars start to buzz with activity.

3. Seafood on the beach

The smell of sardines on the grill has to be one of the telltale signs that the summer is finally here. Sundays are made for moseying down to you local chiringuito to sample some of the freshest seafood.

4. The atmosphere

When the weather is warm, it just puts people in a better mood. Bars and restaurant are busier because of the mid-year tourist boom and you just get that “I’m so lucky to live here” kinda feeling.

5. Beautiful sunsets and starry skies

Inland Málaga boasts some of the most spectacular multicoloured sunsets I have ever seen. At around 9 O’Clock the sky is awash with vibrant colours. Also, the lack of pollution makes for amazingly clear night skies, dotted with too many stars to possibly count.

Laura Wood


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