5 Tapas to try today

The majority of bars in inland Málaga have their own tapas selection, so knowing your way around these small tasters is essential if you want to call yourself a tapas connoisseur. Here are our top five tapas dishes that we feel are a must-try the next time you drop in for a caña or two.

Morcilla con huevos de codorniz

Morcilla is the Spanish version of black pudding. Even if you are not a fan of blood sausage, you soon will be when you try this amazing tapas. A slice of morcilla on the griddle under a fried quail egg is the absolute perfect combination. You can thank us later.


Boquerones en vinagre

The Spanish boquerone is nothing like the anchovies we have in Britain. In Málaga you can order them fried or in vinegar as the locals prefer them. They arrive in a small dish with an olive oil and garlic dressing and are wonderful alternative for really appreciating their rich flavor.

Croquetas caseras

Croquetas are balls of thick béchamel sauce enriched with meat, fish, vegetables or a mixture and then deep-fried until the outside turns a golden brown. The crunchy exterior and smooth, creamy inside make these the perfect bar snack.

Ensalada de mariscos

 This delicious mix of seafood, peppers, tomatoes, onions and a light vinegar or mary-rose dressing makes a fabulous light lunch or side dish. One of the most popular tapas dishes in the area, most bars will serve their own variation of the dish.

Queso Curado

If you can imagine a Spanish version of parmesan, you’re on your way to Queso Curado. It’s salty, tangy, and works incredibly with olive oil drizzled over the top. Personally, I love a tapas of this accompanied by a glass of cold vino tinto.

What’s your favourite tapas dish at your local bar? Let us know!


Laura Wood


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