La Fiesta de la Matanza en Ardales

On Sunday the 7th of February, Ardales will play host to the 20th annual Fiesta de la Matanza, literally translated as “The Slaughter Festival”. Although it’s translated name may not sound all that appealing, La Fiesta de la Matanza is a day in which the people of Ardales celebrate and pay homage to the animals that are used to make their local dishes.

One of the most popular gastronomic festivals in Andalucia, the event has grown yearly, this year extending the festival to the Saturday where the local bars will offer pork-based dishes at 3euros a portion.

The Sunday event starts at noon, the large market selling typical products of the community set to live folklore music. There are plenty of free testers available, a great opportunity to try homegrown products and support the local businesses.

Last year, the organization handed out over 3,000 free bowls of broth and over 10,000 sandwiches to celebrate the event. Expect fabulous local food, a buzzing atmosphere and merry-making a plenty.