5 delicious Spanish summer drinks

Next time you’re about to order a caña in the local bar, why not try one of these refreshing alternatives?

  • Fino

The Spanish sherry fino is one of the driest and palest varieties of the drink. Best served as cold as possible, a glass of fino is the perfect accompaniment to tapas of Jamón Serrano as the rich flavor of meat contrasts exquisitely with the dry fino.

  • Rebujito

When you mix fino with a fizzy drink (typically lemonade) you get a rebujito. Some garnish with a sprig of mint and others just drink it with lots of ice. Either way, it’s a refreshing drink typically ordered at the day ferias as an alternative to a tinto de verano.

  • Clara

If you prefer beer, a clara is the Spanish version of what we call a Shandy. Here, you top up the beer with either casera (slighty sweet fizzy water) or Fanta lemon if you prefer yours a little sweeter.

  • Meneito

A meneito literally translated to ‘little movement’ is café con leche over ice with a lug of baileys poured in. Some bars will serve it in a coffee glass, and others will shake it up in the cocktail mixer and serve it to you with a frothy top.

  • Vaso de gazpacho

If you caught our post from two weeks ago, you’ll know what this is all about. Some bars will have a fresh jug of gazpacho sitting on the bar so you can ask for a glass.