Welcome to inland Málaga!

When you buy a property in the countryside of Málaga, you are not just buying a house, you’re buying into a lifestyle. That’s why we created a special blog.

What’s going on, what are the secrets of the region, what do people do, where do you meet them? Connect with us, subscribe to this blog, or pay us a visit in our office in Guaro.

Welcome to Málaga, welcome to the Grapevine Family!

Jo, Graham and Laura Wood,

Luis, Ben, Susanna, May, Natalia, Maggie, Marly, Noemi, and Nacho!

Grapevine Properties S.L.

Calle El Burgo 5

29108 Guaro, Málaga

Tel. +34 952 457 761


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3 thoughts on “Welcome to inland Málaga!

  1. Carol Somerton says:

    Hi. Tried to register twice on your website Lifestyle, but not receiving confirmation email back.

  2. grapevineproperties says:


    I’ve been having a look and there’s no confirmation necessary, as soon as you click ‘follow’ you should receive our posts as and when they are uploaded. Let me know if you’re having any problems!


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