Welcome to Málaga

Málaga is both the name of a province and its capital



For your highlife and nightlife, beachlife, wining, dining and shopping.

It's this location that caught the attention that turned Marbella into a hot spot in the first place. This happened in the 1950s, when it was a calm fishersmens village, visited by wealthy aristocrats.

The latter usually referred to as Málaga ciudad or Málaga city. Though there are 50 provinces in Spain, the name Málaga rings a bell to everyone. For here you are in Andalucia, the southernmost region of Spain, ruled for 7 centuries by the Moors, and making this region so distinct from the rest of Spain.

And secondly, Málaga province has got it all. Bordering the Mediterranean as well as mountains, it boasts the most pleasant temperatures of mainland Europe, healthy air, space, wonderful cities and gorgeous countryside.

What client say

The distances to and from Marbella are:

  • Ojen-Marbella: 7 Km
  • Monda-Marbella: 22 Km
  • Guaro-Marbella: 25 Km
  • Coin-Marbella: 25 KM
  • Alozaina-Marbella: 24 KM
  • Tolox-Marbella: 32 KM
  • Alhaurin El Grande-Marbella: 33 KM
  • Alhaurin de la Torre-Marbella: 33 KM
  • Alora-Marbella: 57 KM

If you go for groceries, Coin is the other destination of most property owners: for here you have supermarkets, wholesalers in fruit and vegetables, antique stores, the most important postal office of the region and of plenty, plenty of bars, restaurants and pubs.

Marbella though is the beach resort with the international flavour, so it's a city that will become part of your life.

By the way, your guess is right: Mar-Bella stands for ‘beautiful sea’.

And beautiful it is!


Epicentre of the costa and inland alike

For anyone who bought property at the coast or inland Málaga, it’s the epicentre when there’s any need for a city. For here you have it all.

In winter Marbella can seem quite calm. For it’s built for many more than just its own population of 140.000. From April to October it’s a tourist hot spot filling up the beaches.

14 kilometers of them are there in Marbella, so much that there are lists as ‘top 10 beaches’.

And then there’s the location, with the mountain with its distinct shape as backdrop. The locals lovingly call it 'La Concha' ('The Shell').

Welcome to Málaga

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