Welcome to Málaga

Málaga is both the name of a province and its capital


Málaga Coast

The coast stretches from Málaga city right through to Estepona.

It passes through very well known towns on the way. Starting with Torremolinos, Benelmadena, Fuengirola, La Cala, Calahonda, Cabopino, Marbella, San Pedro, Benehavis, Cancellada and La Duquesa.

Each of these places will offer you something different. The railway runs to Fuengirola with many stops on the way so if you want to be able to buy a villa or apartment and do not want to hire a car one of these areas may be for you. If you want to see boast there are several ports of varying sizes from BenamMadena, to Cabopino to the most famous Puerto Banus and another in Estepona.

All along this coast you will find Chiriguitos which are beach bars. Some are very cheap and others have a very high level of cuisine such as the Trocadero just outside Marbella.

Benehavis, a little white pueblo known as the Rincon de Gastronomie of the Costa Del Sol. Is is a typical pueblo with more bars and restaurants of all types than you would be able to visit in a month!

The very lively and popular coast

The coast of Málaga is part of the famous Costa del Sol, known all over the world.

Here are some very typlically Spanish areas in most of the bigger towns and these are well worth searching for. Most of hem used to be little fishing villages 40 or so years ago and these places still exist. If you are looking for authenticity and do not want to travel inland this is for you.

San Pedro is a working Spanish town with plenty of charm. If you want to see how the Spanish people live and work, this is the place to go.

For those of you looking to see something more cosmopolitan: Marbella and Puerto Banus are something for you. This is not to say that that there are not traditional places to visit here as well! The Casco Antiguo or the old town of Marbella is well worth a visit. Narrow streets and secret plazas around every corner.

And do not forget the beaches: they are everywhere, from small to kilometers long, and from calm to very lively or even festive, especially in summer.


Málaga is Full of Life

But Málaga city is always full of life. This vibrant, beautiful city is always worth the while.

Then there is Ronda, the romantic city in the middle of nowhere, there are the famous coastal towns such as Fuengirola, Benalmadena, Torremolinos and especially Marbella, there are the natural highlights such as El Torcal and the Sierra de las Nieves... resulting in a province of sheer beauty.

 Little wonder then that our province is so popular among northern and eastern Europeans who want to live, retire or work here, and look for their ideal home under the sun.


Welcome to Málaga

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