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The best Spanish chat-up lines

The best Spanish chat-up lines

Unleash you inner Don Juan


I'm a firm believer that learning a new language does not have to imply hours of memorising  grammar and practicing verb conjugations. There are so many fun ways to learn a language that don't involve lessons. Have a go at pronouncing these Spanish piropos (chat-up lines) and release your Don Juan from within.


  • ¿Empezó la primavera? Acabo de ver la primera flor. - Has Spring begun? Because I've just seen the first flower.


  • Dime tu nombre, que te pido para Reyes. - Tell me your name, so I can write it on my list to the Three Kings. (the Spanish equivalent to Santa Claus)


  • ¿Qué haces aquí tan temprano? ¿No sabes que las estrellas sólo salen de noche? - What are you doing here so early? Didn't you know that stars only come out at night?


  • Quisiera ser gato para pasar siete vidas a tu lado. - I wish I was a cat so that I could spend seven lives at your side. (in Spain a cat has seven lives instead of nine)


  • Hola. Soy un ladrón y lo primero que quiero robar es tu corazón. - Hello, I'm a thief and the first thing I am going to steal is your heart.


  • ¿Te puedo hacer una foto? Quiero enviársela a mis amigos y demostrarles que los ángeles existen. - Can I take a photo of you? I want to send it to my friends and show them that angels exist.


  • Hola, perdí mi número de teléfono, ¿me prestas el tuyo? - Hello, I lost my phone number, can I borrow yours?


  • Del cielo bajó un pintor para pintar tu figura, pero no encontró un color para tanta hermosura! - A painter came down from heaven to paint your portrait, but he couldn't find the right colour for so much beauty.


  • Si la belleza pagase impuestos, estarías arruinada. - If beauty paid taxes, you'd be in ruins.


  • Hay una fiesta en mi corazón y tu estás invitada. - There's a party in my heart and you're invited.


Laura Wood